The key offering of the PREPARE Network is connecting our friendly and experienced members, who generate - and work together on - environmentally related projects. The PREPARE Network is a network with a strong track record, a solid heritage and a wide coverage across Europe.

# Setting the SCP agenda by proactively catching up on new challenges and develop new innovative solutions
# A network for SCP-experienced individuals, based on high integrity and independence of any specific interest groups
# Informal in its organizational structure, flexible in its demands to its members and fun in the way we work together# Welcoming new members to the open and inclusive network, where new initiatives and projects are the driving force

What/s in PREPARE for you?
# Sounding boardSparring with competent and experienced partners
# Collaborative researchWork with people from all over Europe
# Network developmentMeet, eat and generate projects with nice and competent people
# TrainingGain experience on workshops and conferences
# PREPARE universityTake part in lectures to local universities and institutions – either as lecturer or listener
# Thematic groupsForm groups that share your interests and share experience, network and projects
# Market placeOffer your ideas for projects or take part in developing other peoples’ ideas into projects


The main aim of the network is to offer to its potential client a high-quality service, composed by sound experience and innovation, in the field of EU consulting. KiNNO offers innovative and customized intermediary services to all Partners involved in the knowledge value chain with particular emphasis to market sectors such as Agro food, Energy, Environment, Transport, Maritime, Bio-economy, Tourism, ICT and Health.

We recognize that innovation occurs in networks of heterogeneous actors and requires broad perspective since these actors often lack the skills and resources to do so. We foster integration and interaction among the diverse actors that are engaged in innovation networks and work on technological, organisational and institutional innovations in order to connect people, ideas and resources. In this perspective, we identify the proper business models, facilitate outward and inward technology commercialization, match innovation demand and supply across sectoral boundaries, understand customers' needs and assist in developing results into commercially viable services, products or processes.

We also design and develop a set of methodologies and tools to coordinate the flow of innovation requests and solutions among all the actors and have obtained significant expertise in the fields of Knowledge & Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship, Eco-innovation, ICT & Accessibility and Social Innovation.

KiNNO provides unique methodologies to significantly enhance the innovation potential of new technologies and systems. KiNNO offers knowledge and innovation support services aiming into strengthening the innovation capacity of SME's, private firms and Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs) and also supports industry players, investors, business actors and public bodies seeking to exploit new technologies, systems and ideas, bridging the gap between research and innovation.